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OPTIFLORA Products Online at Amazon
In response to consumer requests, Optiflora has made a selection of Live Plants and Care Products available through Amazon.
Offerings currently include:
Pilea Peperomioides Beautiful Optimara Violets Mini Violets (2 pack) Optimara Violet Food
4" Pilea Peperomioides
aka. Chinese money plant / Pancake plant / UFO plant. Fully mature Pilea grown in optimum conditions.  CARE TIPS
4" African Violets (4 pack)
Assorted Optimara varieties, set of four different violets, in mid-bloom.
2" Mini Violets (2 pack)
Fresh from the Optimara greenhouse,
these mini-violets are cute and colorful.
Optimara Violet Food
Award winning 14-12-14 fertilizer folmulated specifically for supporting lush growth and dense blooms on African Violets
Watermelon Pepromia Fern Variety Set Mini-Fairy Garden Super-Micro Foliage
4" Watermelon Peperomia
This amazing & hard to find Peperomia has foliage with a beautiful watermelon-like pattern in green and silver.
4" Fern Variety Set (4 pack)
A set of two different current fern varieties, directly from the Optimara greenhouse.
Assorted tropical & hardy varieties.
2" Mini-Fairy Garden (2 pack)
Miniature exotic foliage, ferns,
& colorful terrarium plants (assorted)
Super-Micro Fern/Foliage (2 pack)
Assorted Terrarium Plants
micro-sized 1.5" pot

Selections vary by season - HOLIDAY items including Poinsettias available in Autumn - Check our Amazon page for updated offerings
Optimara Violets, Ferns & Foliage, Fresh From The Optimara Greenhouse