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  Optimara 14-12-14
  Optimara 14-12-14 in Bulk
OPTIMARA Violet Food
Award winning and premium quality, this urea-free fertilizer is the best product available
for African Violets. The Optimara mixture is the result of over 80 years of research and
experimentation with violets, and provides essential nutrients in the correct ratio for
strong roots, lush growth and vigorous blooming.

Each box contains 15 pre-measured pouches.
Each pouch produces 1 Gallon of fertilizer when mixed with water.

Custom Quantities & Quick Delivery
Because our company works directly with the manufacturer
we can offer this product at great savings, and with short delivery times.
This product can also be ordered in bulk quantities for commercial
applications or for repackaging into custom sized containers.

The Preferred AV Food Worldwide