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Optiflora Is A Wholesale Plant Care Products Company
The products we sell are the direct outcome of working with our affiliated company, Optimara, on achieving the "Total Growing" concept. Resulting from endless years of documenting tests on soil samples, watering methods and fertilizer compositions, Optiflora has developed a precise understanding of the conditions under which African Violets and other flowering house plants thrive. While seeking to duplicate these conditions at their greenhouses, Optiflora has developed a line of the highest quality, consumer plant care products.

Optimara violets with Qwick™ Covers

Online Orders

In response to consumer requests, Optiflora has made a selection of Live Plants and Plant Care Products available for purchase online through Amazon. Offerings currently include Pilea Peperiomodes, African Violets, Rex Begonias, Mixed Fern selections, African Violet Fertilizer, and more.