Optiflora Is A Wholesale Plant Care Products Company.

The products it sells are the direct outcome of working with it's affiliated company, Optimara, on achieving the "Total Growing" concept. Out of endless years of documenting tests on soil samples, watering methods and fertilizer compositions, Optiflora has developed a precise understanding of the conditions under which African Violets and other flowering house plants thrive. While seeking to duplicate these conditions at their greenhouses, Optiflora has developed a line of the highest quality, consumer plant care products.

In recent years, Optiflora has joined with other interested parties to create a partnership for designing and importing specialized ceramic containers for houseplants.  Most of these are ceramic vases designed specifically for the needs of African violets. 
Since it is recommended that African violets be watered from the bottom up, the "Self-Watering" vases have been designed to meet these needs by allowing the plant to be suspended in the vase while a wick absorbs water into the soil as it is needed.  This is just one of many innovations created by Optiflora to fill the plant care needs of houseplant customers worldwide.

Because the company imports directly from the manufacturer of ceramic hard goods overseas, customer designs and specialty ceramic, wooden, and metal accessories are offered at great savings with short delivery times.

























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